Who We Are

“Our mission is to coach and develop high growth dedicated teams to solve complex business problems and to discover innovative new ways to rapidly grow both their businesses and themselves.”

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After years as a startup CEO, Dave Dickinson founded CEO4RENT to meet the unmet needs of companies who have wonderful ideas on their whiteboards but struggle to get to the next phase of rapid growth.  Here is what we can do.

  • Find The Big Idea hiding inside your customer’s unmet needs.
  • Brand & Market your Big Ideas to accelerate your awareness.
  • Develop the Business Strategy to best monetize your business model.
  • Create Strategic Partnerships to accelerate your growth.
We can help you one of two ways:


  • As a Consultant– if your project is short-term or a slice of a bigger pie.
  • As an Interim C-Suite member– if you have a full-time role to fill for a defined period of time.
Want to know more?

Send an e-mail to dave@ceo4rent.com or fill out our Contact form.